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Here’s a thing: all people would have to borrow money at some point in their lives. Whether it’s for business expansion, a personal purchase, or immediate expenses, it’s a part of the financial system. For major purchases and expenses, the best way to go is to get installment loans. In addition to regular installment loans, there are other options you can choose from. Keep on reading to learn more about different types of installment options and which one is for you.

What areinstallment loans?

Installment loans are paid with regular payments in a span of a specific time. Both the principal and the interest are divided and paid based on a schedule. Throughout the years, different kinds of installment loans have appeared in the lending zone. If there’s one type that attracts more lenders than before, that would be installment loan online. You can also avail of payday installment loans, bad credit installment loans, and installment loans no credit check offers.

Not all credit scores are equal; thus, the loans available for each person vary. You need to evaluate your needs and paying situations and get the right loan. To help you choose, here are the most common loans offered in the market. These loans can be a lifesaver when you’re in a tight spot.

Online installment loans

Online installment loans use technological advancements to give the best service for debtors. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can get a loan without going out. Tons of lenders are offering their services online. Get the time to sift through them and find the best loan for you.


  • Easy and fast processing of loan applications for debtors.
  • The monthly cost is more bearable, and funds can be appropriated for other expenses.
  • Funds from the loan go right straight to your bank account.
  • Searching for loans is as easy as searching for “installation loans near me” on the search engines.


  • You can’t get immediate answers if you have questions and other concerns.
  • Age and employment requirements might be included along with credit score evaluation.
  • Might not include fees and other deliverables before getting the loan.
  • Debtors cannot pay their debts later or earlier than the schedule.

When to Use:

Online installment loans are still one of the most common options when it comes to getting a large loan. Only use this kind of loan if you're trying to make a big purchase. Only make major purchases if needed; e.g., you need to renovate you need a new car.

Payday installment loans

Payday installment loans are another kind of loan, specially made for small installment loans. It’s a short-term, high-interest rate loan that doesn’t require a high credit score. As long as you have a good monthly income, you can get a good loan amount. Although it’s a great quick cash source, applying for this type of loan needs caution against predatory lenders.


  • Fast application processing, either online and offline.
  • Applying for payday installment loans online for long-term loans is also available for small installment loans.
  • A good loan for people who have a stable job and a decent monthly income.
  • It can be used for long-term and short-term general purpose loans.


  • Astronomically high interest and numerous high loan fees.
  • Predatory lenders might scam you by requiring upfront fees.
  • If you missed your payment, the high-interest rate would make your financial situation worse.
  • There are safer lending options like installment loans online no credit check offers and installment loans for bad credit.

When to Use:

Payday loans are very helpful financial tools for getting funds as soon as possible. If you have an immediate expense such as car repair or emergency bills, you can rely on this loan. Only get this loan if you have a very good and stable income source or if getting a loan is better than getting nothing.

Bad credit installment loans

If you search for “installment loans near me”, you’d soon find out that most lenders prefer loaning to people with good credit. Don’t fret, as you still have a lot of financial options, even on bad credit. Granted that good options usually require lots of effort to find. One of the options you can take is bad credit installment loans.


  • Bad credit loans are just like regular personal installment loans. The big difference is that people with bad credit can apply.
  • Application processing is faster because credit score is usually not an essential factor.
  • Successful implementation can improve your credit score.


  • High-interest rate (not as high as a payday loan, but still high compared to loans for good credit scores).
  • You might still fail to qualify if you don’t have collateral.

When to Use:

If you're trying to rebuild your credit score, bad credit loans are your friend. Lenders usually accept applications with scores as low as 600 or lower. Just make sure to pay in time to get the best benefit of getting this loan.

Installment loans online no credit check

Installment loans online no credit check is probably one of your last options before getting that payday loan. These loans will have no problem in lending people with bad credit. Additionally, if you have no credit history, this is one of your possible options. Take note that this loan will also have high-interest rates.


  • No need to worry about credit history because it is not considered.
  • Lenders are offering online and offline applications.
  • Fast transaction and general-purpose, as long as you have good employment status.


  • High-interest rates might not be manageable for some.
  • The loan amount might not be that great.
  • Predatory lenders can take advantage of your desperation.

When to Use:

Only get a no credit check loan if you can find a trustworthy lending company. It is still a better option than payday loans (longer terms and bigger loan amounts). Besides, some legit lenders don't require collateral to be approved.

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